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Today, European travel by train has become not so strange to many people, because of convenience and cost savings. In this article, European Tourism will suggest the experience as well as the schedule for a trip to Europe with the most complete train.

In the past ten years, the remarkable improvements of the European train system have made traveling by this vehicle easy and convenient with many advantages:

- The system of railways and train lines is wide.

- Comfort, civilization, safety, but you must also pay attention to personal luggage.

- Right time and stop in the city center so it is very convenient for sightseeing.

- The purchase of tickets and quick procedures.

- Spacious space, with food, bar, comfortable sightseeing conditions.

- For border countries, taking trains is faster and more convenient than airplanes because it does not take time to process and move from the airport to the city center.

However, traveling by boat will become difficult if you are new to this type of traffic. Not to mention you will have to spend a large amount of money on the ship if you do not book early.

How to use the Eurail Pass

What is the Eurail Pass?

This is a type of train card (Pass) that you can use to travel comfortably in European countries for a fixed number of days at a fixed price. With the Eurail Pass, all you need to do is go to the central station, get on the train and sleep, a few hours later you are already in the center of another city in Europe.

Types of Eurail Pass:

- Global Pass: Allows you to go unlimited all 28 member countries within a certain period of time from 1, 2, 3 months. The number of days used also has a lot to choose from, maybe 5.10,15 days in 1,2,3 months or all 3 months.

- Select Pass: Allows you to go unlimited trains between 2,3,4 countries sharing the same border from 5-15 days within 2 months, usually in the countries you choose to have 1 of the Main countries like France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

- One country pass: Allowing you to take a train is not limited to a certain country.

How to buy and use the Eurail Pass:

You can buy the Eurail Pass via the website, where they provide a lot of information and utilities to help you in buying, manuals, ship maps in Europe, train times, ... The purchase price on the website is also usually about 20% cheaper if you buy it at the counter at train stations in Europe.

Steps to purchase via

Step 1: Go to, click on the "Select a Rail Pass" tab to choose the type 1, 2,3 or more countries you want to go.

Step 2: Fill in your name and nationality.

Step 3: Check the information and proceed with payment. There will be additional booking fees and delivery fees to your address.

Step 4: Fill in the details of your personal information, then click Checkout.

Step 5: Pay by international card.

After buying tickets within 2-3 days they will move to the address you register, including Eurail Pass, manual, manual and Eurail train schedule. Note that booking fees are not included in the fare, depending on the country, type of train and seat type.

After purchase, the Eurail Pass needs to be activated within 11 months from the date of purchase and should be done before the first train you use. You only need to go to a large European train station on the list that can use Pass, this is often the place where the Eurail Pass office is located. Then ask the staff to activate the household. When you use Pass for the first time, the inspector will write the activation date and expiration date on your card.

Reservation - Reservation: For some high speed trains or night trains you may have to make a reservation in advance because there may be no more space when you board. There are two ways of booking that are used immediately on Raileurope or national ship websites, so it is cheaper to use the website of the country you are going to go to, the reservation fee will normally be around 5-10 EUR. .

Booking via Rail Europe: Go to the "seat reservation" tab, select the departure and arrival stations, then click search.

Book through the national ship website: For example, through the website, you scroll down to the bottom to see the seat only section and make a reservation here.

Use when going to the train: You will not need to Validate at Validation machines at the train station but simply simply jump on the train and go, if there is an employee check out the ticket you give the Eurail Pass to them to see it is done.

The next thing you need to do is find the appropriate train station:

First go to…rail-timetable to find information about trains and stations. Or you can download the Rail Planner Eurail / Interrail application on mobile devices.

When you search for a train station on the website, for example, if you type in the box to Brussels, the website will suggest what is Brussels-Zuid / Brussel-Noord / Brussel-Centraal / ... Now you have to use Google to help search to see where those stations are located, close to where they need to go. If you go to the central station, you should type the keyword "Main station" after the place name, for example, Brussels Main Station. And in this case, Brussels-Centraal.

The website produces many results. Since you are using a Pass that is comfortable for 1 day, choose the trip with the most suitable time, the fastest and the least change.

Refunds: You will be refunded for Eurail Pass purchases up to 80% when you want to change your mind and no longer use them if your card has not been activated by any means, such as activation at the train station or activation. online.

Suggest a 7-day train schedule, including some short trips, you should choose the Global Pass package:

Day 1: Paris - Brussels - Amsterdam

Day 2: Amsterdam - Cologne - Munich

Day 3: Munich - Salzburg - Munich (short journey so you can buy tickets directly. Buying tickets is also simple and easy)

Day 4: Munich - Zurich - Lucerne

Day 6: Lucerne - Milan - Venice

Day 7: Venice - Florence - Rome

You should choose and use the Eurail Pass for 6 days on the train schedule.

So, European tourism does not necessarily need to fly, right? Because the train trips will give you a very different experience, a brand new perspective on the journey to discover European countries.