Daegu _ Korea Autumn

Daegu is one of the largest cities in Korea. Referring to Daegu, people often mention E-World park famous for the cherry blossom season and festivals such as the Summer Beer-Chicken or sky lantern drop. So what about autumn in Daegu?

Daegu has two large, straight-lined roads that will turn gold into autumn.

Daegu has little red maple leaf roads

Daegu has the magnificent Palgongsan mountain when it comes back

Lead need to sit in the car, go across the bridges and saw Daegu fall extremely romantic

Not only is the scenery beautiful, but Daegu also has a street with the nickname cradle music.

And another important point for you fans of BTS is: This is V's hometown, BTS members so we also dropped by V high school where V used to study and the park where V used to come to play when he was young: ">

The largest market in Daegu is Seomun Market.

In terms of cuisine, the most famous dish here is Chicken (fried and fried), crush, coffee, hotteok, ...

(Personally, I think the fried chicken is better in Daegu than in Andong)

In addition, Daegu also has a famous cornbread (Picture attached at the end of the photo album) that almost everyone who comes to Daegu will buy as gifts. Very delicious to eat.

The road to Palgongsan Mountain has been a very beautiful landscape. The two sides of the road are rows of bright red maple.

In the autumn, tourists are quite crowded here, so they cannot drive to the cable car but have to park underneath and walk for about 5 minutes. When going to the cable car station, everyone will be given a pass to go up (this card will be returned to the staff when the cable car goes down). 6 people 1 cable car divided into 2 sides leaning back to each other.

Palgongsan has a height of 820m. From the top of the mountain, you can capture the colorful mountains and forests below. On the Palgongsan peak area, there is also an outdoor cafe, so the view is nice and off the table.

We can take the cable car and then climb to the top or follow the climbing path. Korean people choose to climb a mountain.

Note: This season is a lot different from traveling, so go early to get in line to climb up the cable car

Sitting on a cable car, looking at the top of the mountain, feels less afraid than the opposite.

If you are afraid of heights, do not dare to climb cap, do not dare to climb, do not worry, just stay in the city, it is also extremely beautiful. You can cross the riverbank where there are colorful cosmos flower gardens or golden reeds. Even when walking on the road, you will also admire the rows of lofty yellow wind on both sides of the road.

* Music Streets.

Those who love music, especially should not ignore these neighborhoods.

- Namsandong Music Studio Street

This is considered a cradle for fostering music because in the neighborhood there is a music academy, there are music studios, .... If you come here on weekdays, you will find this neighborhood extremely bustling, bringing together young music lovers to study and exchange here. This is also the place where many Korean idols start. In the neighborhood there are also many pretty shops.

- Memorial Hall of the late artist Kim Kwang Seok.

If you love the Reply series, you've probably heard many songs by the late artist Kim Kwang Seok. The songs of the late artist are always gentle, deep and deep into the person, so after the late artist's death, a memorial street named after him was born. Walking along the street, we will see many pictures of the late guitarist and the melody of his songs resounding along the street. Besides, lots of lovely drawings will help you have lovely backgrounds for your photos.

Beautiful scenes, melodious music, walking here in the cold weather with your loved ones is more romantic than ever;)

* Neighborhood

Called the modern neighborhood because it dates back to the previous period, and is where many rich people lived before.

Walk around the neighborhood, we will see many old Japanese garden houses are kept to this day, also see the old churches and houses with western architecture.

Here, everyone can experience wearing hanbok. The difference of Hanbok here is that it does not look as glamorous as the dresses you often see near the ancient palaces in Seoul. The hanbok here is a lot simpler.

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