European Beautiful Frame As Painting In Autumn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

With more than 400,000 trees throughout the city, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful destinations to admire the autumn colors. From September to November, the parks and historic canals here are immersed in the red color of the leaves. In addition, the roads covered with dry leaves also make the scene more romantic. In the fall, there are some festivals like Halloween, museum under the Museum Night.

City of Venice, Italy

In the fall, Venice becomes more charming with its twilight suns and fog covered. In particular, this is also the time when the city is more empty. Guests can walk through rocky alleys, visit museums and explore the classic vistas of Venice.

Rome, Italy

From late September to November, Rome gradually escapes from the hot summer and catch sudden rains and chilly weather at night. Therefore, autumn is suitable for exploring the cultural and historical city of Italy.

Visitors can head to Borghese Park, which has the most impressive leaf-changing scenery in Rome. In addition, cycling enjoy the autumn atmosphere, admiring the Colosseum or Navona square are the activities you should experience when coming here.

Neuschwanstein castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein is one of the most famous castles in the world. According to Travel and Leisure, each year, this place attracts about 1.3 million tourists. In the fall, when the Alps begin to change their leaves, the castle looks like a fairy tale. Many people believe that the image of the castle in the story "Sleeping Beauty" was inspired by Neuschwanstein.

Hallstatt village, Austria

Hallstatt Village is one of the oldest and most popular tourist villages in Austria. Located about an hour's drive from Salzburg, each year it attracts a million tourists thanks to its majestic natural scenery and Baroque-style houses.

In the fall, the village has fresh air and cool weather. From here, you can admire the scenery of yellow leaves by Hallstatt Lake and the mountains of the Alps. In addition, visitors can visit the Hallstatt museum or the bone house, where 600 skulls are painted.

Budapest city, hungary

In the fall, Budapest is known as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. From the hills of the city, visitors can admire the autumn picture with the gold-dyed trees and Parliament building by the river.

In particular, autumn is not the time when many tourists in Budapest. Cruise on the river, visit the commercial center, Budapest Opera House are experiences not to be missed when coming here.

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