Known as the capital of the Alsace region, which underwent centuries of war between France and Germany. You can easily find in the city the strong influence from two cultures. Strasbourg is a young, dynamic and culturally diverse city. This is clearly reflected in the cuisine and wine, the lifestyle and the presence of organizations such as the European Parliament.

In addition, the city is also the main tourist attraction in the winter season by the Christmas Market. But the city always has a pleasant atmosphere in the summer and we will give you a glimpse of our visit.

Referring to France, people often think of the city of Paris, but Strasbourg offers subtle feelings to help visitors find a peaceful moment from their souls. This ancient city is located near the German border, so architecture and culture have an interesting combination between the two countries.



To Bruges (Flemish, Belgium), visitors will enter a fairy space with beautiful nature in harmony with ancient medieval architecture.

Bruges is the capital of Flemish and the city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bruges is a city with a lot of canals, creating beautiful landscapes, suitable for visitors to walk in mild sunny days. Moreover, when coming to this ancient city, you can also enjoy the dishes with attractive and sweet taste.

Bruges is a dream destination not only for couples but also for many soloists. Here you will see the beauty of Bruges in many beautiful small old buildings, enjoy delicious food, go for a walk or bike ride through the alleys in the old town.

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It is a city on the Baltic coast, in northern Poland and located in the middle of the country's fourth largest metropolitan area. In recent years, Poland is the destination chosen by many tourists. Gdansk is the ideal suggestion for those who like to explore and find cultural and historical values.

The Old City of Gdansk, carefully reconstructed back to the glory of the Hanse Trade Federation after being flattened during World War II, is a highlight. 14th century Town Hall has a historical museum of the city. To Gdansk city you can visit the Westerplatte war monument, stroll around the city to see the ancient scenery full of peace.

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Florence, Italy with more than 2000 years of age is famous for its ancient architecture and its culinary reputation. The ancient city of pasta makes visitors indulging in not wanting to leave. In Florence there is an ancient bridge across the River Arno named Ponte Vecchio. Standing at the bridge you can see the scenery on both sides of the river, far away are ancient towers and beautiful small tile roofs.

Florence is the city considered the homeland of the Renaissance movement in Europe in the XV century to the sixteenth century. It still retains almost the intactness of the art works, ancient features from hundreds of years ago, prominent brown brick houses with uniform red tile roofs stretching many blocks.

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YORK, England

Nestled on the confluence of the Ouse and Foss rivers dreaming in northern Yorkshire, England, York seems to be the city coming out from a magical old-fashioned story with mysterious castles and ancient cities. York City was dubbed the most beautiful ancient city in Europe with its surrounding wall of 5km long, the former York was once a barrier to protect the city from the invasion of the Vikings, Dane and Norman.

Standing on this city, we can just walk and have the opportunity to see the city in the peaceful blue sun. This place is called the city in the fairy by the castle, the ancient city full of mysteries.
More special when coming to York you will be surprised when the sweet chocolate smell under the light breeze spread throughout the city. You can also buy this specialty to bring back as a gift for relatives and friends after the trip.

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Although geography is located in West Asia, Armenian politics and culture are close to Europe. Historically, Armenia has been a crossroads between Europe and Southwest Asia, and is therefore considered an intercontinental country.

Yerevan, Armenia is one of the places most worth exploring when traveling to Europe. The city is located along the river Hrazdan, which is the administrative, cultural and economic center of the country. You will enjoy the journey of discovering the uniqueness of this ancient city. There are many cultural buildings and museums that attract tourists to find.

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