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Slovakia is geographically located in the center of Europe, adjacent to the Czech Republic in the West, Hungary in the South and Austria in the Southwest. Thanks to this geographical convenience, your Slovak tour can be combined with easy access to Czech, Austrian and Eastern European countries. In fact, Slovakia's capital of Bratislava is only 60 km from Vienna (about 1 hour by bus).


Slovakia has a very cold winter and a cool and pleasant summer. Therefore, depending on the purpose of the trip, you can choose the best time to visit Slovakia. If you want to experience the cold and watch the snow and ice, come here in the winter. If you want to explore nature in ideal weather, summer is the most ideal time for Slovak tourism.

The main airport in Slovakia is Milan Rastislva Stefanik airport, but it is only used for short and short flights. Therefore, if you want to travel to Slovakia from Vietnam, you should fly to Austria's Vienna airport and buy tickets to Slovakia. From Austria's Vienna airport you can also take a taxi to Slovakia's MR Stefanik airport, since the distance between the two airports is only about 35km.
Or simply, you can choose airlines that have international flights such as: Vietnam Airlines, Korean Air and Czedch Airlines Csa, which can take you to the Slovak capital twice as the city of Bratislava. scene.

Due to being a member of the Schengen treaty, moving from Slovakia to neighboring countries by road is quite easy. You can buy tickets for EuroCity trains going directly to Prague, Vienna or Budapest. Cross-country long-distance bus routes are also a more affordable travel option for travelers, but these trips will be more time-consuming and tiring.

Bratislava capital
Being the capital and largest city in Slovakia, visiting Bratislava is a mandatory requirement for any traveler. The first impression that caught your eye was the contrast between the mighty beauty of the castle of Bratislava, which stood on its head, as if guarding the whole city and the stillness of the Danube flowing through the city.

Bratislava is also famous as a green city with many parks and lakes so you can relax after a day exploring the city. One of the most famous lakes around this city is Lake Rusovce. Bratislava old town is also a good place to visit.

Old town Bardejov
Located at the foot of Beskyd mountain, the old town of Bardejov is recognized by the UNESCO as a world cultural heritage thanks to its intact, old town, giving tourists the true vibes of local history.

The town's buildings, especially in the central square, are a permanent magnet for the souls that love history and architecture. Outstanding among the intact preserved houses are the old town hall and the city wall, dating back to the 15th century.

Vlkolinec village
A beautiful, impressive tourist destination in Slovakia that you must visit. The village with simple, rustic beauty and a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993.

Besides the houses with ancient architecture, you can also see a bell tower made of wood from the XVIII century. Certainly the beautiful small village Vlkolinec will leave in every visitor a lot of unforgettable impression.

Spis Castle
If you have a chance to travel to Slovakia without visiting Spis Castle, it is a major omission. Because this is the most famous and largest castle in Central and Eastern Europe until now.

Built from the 13th century, Spis castle has always been a favorite destination for many local tourists, as well as international tourists. Perhaps because of the unique, impressive architectural design, and a myriad of mysteries inside the castle, it has created a attraction for this wonderful destination.

Bryndzové halušky
Is a famous traditional dish in Slovakia that must definitely enjoy when arriving in Slovakia. This dish is processed with a simple recipe, using forgotten ingredients such as potatoes, cheese, lamb, ... with marinated spices ingredients, has created a delicious taste, bold, hard to resist, make you remember the taste for that.
Cabbage soup appears at every traditional Christmas dinner, but is also enjoyed all year round as an appetizer before the main meal. Sauerkraut is mixed into cream with boiled potatoes, mushrooms, ham, paprika, black pepper and garlic. Soup is used when hot with freshly baked bread.

Gulášová polievka
This soup includes beef, onion, potatoes, chili, tomato, garlic and spice mix. This dish is very popular at sports events and is often cooked in cauldron. You can find goulash soup next to tennis courts.
Vyprážaný rezeň
Like in Austria, you'll find a variety of different schnitzels on the menu at most restaurants. This dish is made of pork thin slices, softened and then fried with breadcrumbs. A potato salad mixed with mayonnaise is often served as side dish.

Funnel cake is a great dish in winter, sold at Christmas fairs. When enjoying this dish, you will feel sugar and cinnamon melting subtly in your mouth. But recently Slovaks adjusted the funnel cake in the summer, served with vanilla ice cream stuffed inside. Now you can enjoy this traditional Slovak dessert all year round!

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