Reasons You Should Go to Seoul Once In Your Life

Korea is an attractive tourist destination and appeals to tourists from all over the world to admire the beauty of the natural scenery of Korean tourist sites. If you have the opportunity to come to the land of kimchi, do not ignore the famous places to visit with the typical traditional culture, daily life of Korean people.

1. Respect traditional cultural values

Seoul is an important part of Korean cultural heritage. The main central area of the city is surrounded by historic walls built over 600 years ago and many valuable heritage, including the Royal Palace, the fortress gate and the ancient residential districts.

You can visit the National Museum of Korea, which showcases more than 12,000 artifacts and includes permanent galleries such as Korean history and lifestyle, calligraphy and painting, sculpture and goods. Asian arts and crafts. You can also experience Korean culture while wandering through areas of Bukchon Hanok village, a beautiful neighborhood made up of traditional houses.

2. Festivals throughout the year
Any season in Seoul has many festivals. It is impossible to count in a year with all the festivals in Korea. But surely visitors will experience life when attending ice sculpting, ice skating, soccer and especially fishing salmon at Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival. Dancing, running, wrestling, and soaking mud in Boryeong Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach is also an attractive activity when traveling to Korea.

Spring has the famous Yeouido cherry blossom festival. Buddha's birthday in early summer is celebrated throughout Korea along with parades in Seoul and events at temples around the city. Fall has a fireworks festival around the Han River. If you visit Seoul in the winter will admire the Changgyeonggung stream decorated with seasonal lights, this is the ideal destination for the Christmas season.

3. Rich cuisine
Korean cuisine has its own unique features. The characteristic flavor in this kimchi cuisine is spicy and spicy from Korean chili powder. So for tourists who are not familiar with spicy food, this is a big challenge, but if you can eat it, it will be difficult for tourists to stop, but the spicy taste in Korea is not too bold and gentle and slightly warm. you forget.

In particular, Korean street food is one of the attractions to this beautiful country, thanks to the delicious taste as well as the unique and interesting variations and variations. Therefore, one of the things visitors must do immediately if coming to Korea is to enjoy the dishes: gimbab, tteokbokki, hotteok, odeng, mandu, bulgogi, sundae ... and sip with each cup of sochu wine in tents eat at night on sidewalks or markets.

4. Shopping paradise
From the most fashionable clothes, to skin care products or visiting the busy shopping areas, they are also exempt from tax. Guests can get tax refunds at the airport, but there are more and more shops in Seoul that offer on-site tax refund services.

Every year millions of foreign visitors come to Korea for a single reason: shopping. Korea is not only famous for its poetic and lyrical scenes, but also attracts foreign visitors by shopping paradises. Coming to Korea, you will be overwhelmed by the busy shopping centers.

5. Night life
The nightlife in Seoul is very exciting. There are a lot of activities you can participate in if you stay at night in Korea like soaking up the lively atmosphere of the roadside bar, sipping a glass of wine at a certain pub, enjoying delicious dishes in the 24 hour restaurant, or simply overnight at a public sauna, ... all these activities promise to bring you great experiences in the land of kimchi.

A great thing in this country is that pubs and nightclubs in Korea are allowed to open until morning. All of these activities are legal and are strictly regulated by age. Don't be surprised if you come across people sleeping on the roadside or on the train after a night of drinking.

If you've ever been to Korea, please put one on your own map!

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