8 Reasons You Should Not Travel Alone


1. No people take pictures for themselves

This is the best reason, but it is no less important to me. You go out of course, outside the beauty of that region, good food, open knowledge blah blah, of course, I want to have some pictures taken of me where I went, right?

Selfie sticks or tripods also solve some problems, but tripods are located far away from robbery and running (especially big tourist cities), while selfie is only seen ... my face is main, scene not much behind.

2. Someone took a shot but took a shot ... no mind
The association of friends going together will of course understand each other better, taking pictures is also easy to ask you to take this corner of the other corner, not beautiful, then take a picture. Generally no problem!

Also ask others to take a shot, who has the mind, then click a few types, hard to corner for yourself (very rare). Meet some people who do not have the heart, hold the press machine, and the picture is both blurry and trembling and the tail is too boring. I guess I can make people stand and take pictures for me.

3. Going to eat alone is ... "autistic"
It is okay to eat lunch, but when eating dinner, the feeling of sitting alone is sometimes quite boring.

Imagine yourself surrounded by people who eat together, at least one pair, have a lot of fun, while one can eat and talk while talking, while I sit alone waiting for food to arrive. Having a smartphone to plug it into is also a bit less, but in general, machines cannot replace humans.

Of course when you go alone, you must bear it, but sometimes still see ... wrong!

4. Much food that no one can share
Suppose you go to eat alone, order a meal until you find it too soggy, big and fire, then you have to try and eat it all, or ask for it to be brought back, but there is no one to go with share that meal.

That's not to mention if you go many people, you can call many dishes and share them together, so everyone can enjoy many different dishes too.

5. There are no "back-up" people when queuing up, booking
I used to be sad to leave my queue position (for many reasons), then go back to line up from the beginning. If the goods are few, then it is okay to "love back from the beginning", but if you meet a long line, you are in a hurry (especially queuing at the airport or places with the time factor), it is a little confusing.

Same as when going to eat, if you go light, it's okay, look for a place, put on this jacket or shawl / hat and this is to "make room" ???, finish calling food. But if the baggage is lethargic, then find a place to "put bricks" like that is not easy.

A companion now will definitely play a role ... sit down, and the other person calls for food. Too fast and simple!

6. No custodian will help you
In some cases, for example, you are at the airport and you have to go to the WC for example, and luggage is pretty much impossible to pull inside the WC room, it is ... difficult!

If you leave your luggage there without someone looking after it, chances are it will be the last time you will see your luggage.

Thanks to others ... not sure that people will accept the words, because the time of rampant terrorism, or the suitcase with heroin or drugs and that, one string is enough, so it is difficult for the respondents.

When I was asked to look at things, I often did not accept them. Not because of my selfishness or evil, but be careful. There have been many cases of "watching, holding" a suitcase with about a hundred grams of drugs, that's enough "ok, Go ahead"!

At times like that, I found a friend with me to look after my baggage to help me when I was "so bad" that it was really hard and time consuming!

7. No people confide in killing time
Sometimes amidst the long walks between cities, I felt quite bored when there was no one nearby to talk to kill time.

I am not a person who likes to plug in the phone input. When I move, I rarely read books because my eyes are very tired and have a very uncomfortable feeling of motion sickness. At such times, if you go a lot, you will be spoiled and will cut the wind in the sky and the earth. What about going alone? Only water looked aimlessly through the window, or stopped eyeing and waiting for the place!

Saying so does not mean that I will confide throughout the trip, or confide in things that are too private & sensitive. Meeting a companion ... oh my god, I would rather have my coat straight on the car!

8. The dangers on the path of paradise
The last thing, perhaps the same thing is important and worth "the deepest concern", which is the safety factor when traveling alone.

According to my observation and personal feeling, after more than 4 years of traveling in Europe, this is a relatively safe area. The reason I use the word relative is because of the dangers of Europe it is very different from the danger when you travel to "hot" areas or developing countries.

Maybe you are lucky not to be deceived, pickpocketed, snatched up ... but other dangers such as terrorist bombing, truck ramming, assaulting weapons, etc. will most likely happen on a bad day somehow. These dangers, no matter how many people you have, are able to meet, not just go alone

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