Why do you have to come to Taiwan once in your life?

Beautiful scenery: Taiwan is surrounded by the green of trees and tropical forests. The capital of Taipei is located in the middle of the mountains, with Duong Minh Son National Park less than 12 km away. The landscape of each region on the island varies differently, with majestic mountains and fine white sand.

Many exciting festivals: Taiwan has countless festivals and celebrations throughout the year, from lantern festivals, dragon boat racing to balloon festivals, and many other traditional festivals.

Unique culture: In addition to Eastern traditional culture, Taiwan also has the cultural characteristics of 16 tribes living here since ancient times.

The beauty of the east coast: The majority of Taiwan's population (23 million) live on the west coast. Therefore, the east coast is almost intact and unspoiled. This is a popular destination, with majestic cliffs and beautiful Taroko National Park.

Explore the small island: Taiwan has many small islands, such as Lan Tu, Luc Dao and Banh Ho archipelago with beautiful scenery but not too many tourists. You can visit fishing villages, sunbathe, swim or play sports at sea.

Climbing paradise: Taiwan is considered one of the best climbing spots in East Asia, thanks to its 2/3 of the mountain terrain. Tourists can explore Ngoc Son, the highest island, Tuyet Son mountain or Taroko national park. Photo: Taiwan Adventures.

Food: Taiwanese food is both delicious and affordable. Traveling to Taiwan, you can visit countless night markets throughout the island and enjoy sidewalk dishes such as beef noodles, rotten tofu, onion cakes or milk tea. Photo: CNN.

Bustling capital: Taipei, the center of Taiwan, is a perfect blend of Eastern culture and Western culture, between classical and modern. You can visit Taipei 101 tower, National Palace Museum or Long Son pagoda. Photo: Silverkris.

Friendly locals: Taiwanese are very open and hospitable, and do not hesitate to help foreign visitors. Photo: Neil Wade.

Hot springs: If you love hot springs, do not miss the opportunity to visit Beitou near Taipei, or immerse yourself in the wild natural scenery in hot springs in Duong Minh Son National Park. Photo: Chan Brothers Travel.