Some experience for the first time to go abroad


You try to bring little luggage so that the suitcase carried or returned only about 20 kg (sent by plane) and 5 kg of hand luggage free of charge. Pay attention to the weather where you need to go to bring your clothes accordingly. If you bring valuable items such as jewelry with large diamonds, cameras, expensive cameras ... you should declare to the customs.


You should not forget to bring any documents related to immigration. For double declarations, you must keep the back declaration for immigration procedures in the countries. For overseas Vietnamese and people without Vietnamese nationality to follow the tour, if returning to Vietnam, they must re-declare customs (yellow) and immigration (blue) papers, need to bring photos (type 4 × 6 ) if you have to get a foreign visa.

For passports, important papers, cash and other valuable personal belongings, remember to take them with you or send a security at the hotel, not in your room, just in case it's stolen. .

Miscellaneous expenses

The price of laundry at foreign hotels is quite high, you should bring a compact iron. In addition, you need to bring personal items such as medicine, hair dryer, shaver, toothbrush, toothpaste ... Should choose low shoes suitable for walking. You should also bring a full battery of camera and film from Vietnam, then return to the image-washing water will be cheaper.

You should bring US dollars, then exchange money at the airport to convenient shopping in the countries you come. When shopping, if buying at the supermarket, you should calculate the price of the item you need to buy in Vietnamese currency because the price difference is very large. If you buy at a store or in a market, you should bargain, especially in China, the price is usually 1/3 to 1/4 of the price, sometimes even lower than the seller said the challenge.

If you are out of the hotel, remember to bring a card or diagram of the road to the hotel, in case you get lost. Going out in public places, pay attention not to smoke and litter, because if you are not smart you can be severely punished.


When buying goods in bulk, electronics worth more than 300 USD, you will have to pay taxes and freight (if any). When traveling in groups, try not to be separate, easily lost; When splitting the group, please notify the tour guide.