Europe with a long history of traditional culture, masterpieces of art and natural beauty is an irresistible destination for tourists around the world. Check out the 5 most popular transport modes in Europe below for an ideal journey to explore in this European airspace.

1. Travel Europe by train

Train is the most popular means to travel between countries in Europe because the railway system is widely installed throughout Europe and many stops in major city centers, making it extremely convenient to travel. again. Not only that, the comfortable train, the reasonable price and the beautiful scenery on both sides of the train makes the train the most popular means to explore Europe.

To travel across Europe by train you need to be aware of stops and how to book tickets in advance on the railway page of the country.

2. Travel Europe by bus

If you want to travel Europe dust on cheap public transport, the bus is the appropriate choice. This method helps you save a lot of travel costs and is also quite convenient to travel throughout the city because there are many bus companies and routes with flexible time for you to choose. At the same time, buses here are quite clean and comfortable, but at rush hour, buses in big cities will often be very crowded.

One inconvenience of taking a bus in some parts of Europe is that English may not be widely used, especially in rural areas or with few tourists.

3. Travel Europe by plane

Traveling between European countries by plane saves you time and effort but the price is quite expensive compared to trains. Many international and domestic airlines have available flights between major cities, safe and convenient for you to explore the continent. At the same time, the visa application procedure when flying to countries in Europe is quite easy, especially the Schengen block, just one visa, you can travel freely between 26 European countries without having to apply for another visa. 

4. Travel Europe by boat

Yachts are the most 'expensive' means of transportation and are much more expensive than other modes of transport, in return you will have a very valuable experience 'money for rice'. Not only enjoy the luxurious space and full amenities on a high-class cruise, European travel on the cruise also allows you to admire the scenery from the middle of the immense sea, in an atmosphere full of romantic and breathe the fresh, fresh air between nature.

If you are choosing a cruise ship to explore European destinations you need to find out carefully about the schedules, prices and reliable cruise lines before you go.

5. Travel Europe by bicycle

Among the most popular means of transport in Europe, bicycles are the most environmentally friendly vehicle, European countries are also an ideal place to make bike tours, because from the city to Most rural areas have bicycle lanes and bike / bicycle rental stations are also widely distributed. Traveling by bike also helps you be more active in your exploration, not to mention the fresh air in European countries, especially in the countryside, there is nothing better than relaxing cycling. and see the poetic natural scenery on both sides of the road.

In addition to hiring self-discovery bicycles, there are many European tours that organize bike tours with flexible schedules that allow you to visit famous destinations in the most convenient way.

Europe has countless famous places and beautiful landscapes, however, to fully explore this vast continent is not easy. However, you do not necessarily have to spend time wandering around Europe, but can just choose for yourself some of the outstanding stops and enjoy the full time in this 'European airspace'. Hopefully these 5 most popular modes of transportation in Europe will help you have a smoother and more memorable trip.