Belgium, dubbed the "Kingdom of Chocolate" is a tourist destination not to be missed when traveling to Europe. It attracts a lot of tourists not only for beautiful places to visit in Belgium but also for its cuisine. The following European Travel Channel shares with you detailed experiences when traveling to Belgium

1. Apply for a European Visa (Schengen)

Belgium is a country in the Schengen area, so if you have been to Europe and have a European Visa (Schengen), you will not need to apply for a Belgian tourist visa. If you do not have, you must apply for a Belgian Visa to travel.

2. Time should travel Belgium

Climate in Belgium is also divided into 4 seasons: Spring (March - May) - Summer (June - August) - Autumn (September - November) - Winter (December - February) . However, due to the temperate climate, the weather in Belgium is relatively cool and pleasant, the average summer temperature is only about 23 degrees Celsius, while the winter seems colder, the temperature drops sometimes. only 1 degree celsius left.

You should travel to Belgium in the spring, time of April, May or summer of September and October. By this time the weather is not too cold, nor too hot suitable for sightseeing, sightseeing and at the same time, this is the season of sprouting, budding of trees, helping to create a space with unique beauty. private. Certainly, when traveling here, you will have extremely interesting experiences.

3. Means of transportation

+ Travel to Belgium you can choose an aircraft as a means of transportation. In Vietnam, there are many airlines operating routes to Belgium such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Aeroflot, ... Air tickets to Belgium fluctuate ~ 850USD (reference price), but depending on the airline you choose, the time of booking and your flight route from ... where the fare varies.

+ Transportation in Belgium

The transport system in Belgium is quite developed like many other countries in Europe, so visitors can easily choose the right vehicle for them such as: Public transport (bus, train), taxi, bicycle .... However, if you want to save on Belgian travel costs, based on the experience of cheap and economical Belgian tourism, you should choose public transport to travel. Because of the low price, the route moves quickly, accurately and is very safe. And other means such as taxis are only suitable for short routes in the city only, because the price of taxi here is also quite high.

4. Stay when traveling to Belgium

Hotels in Belgium are not too many, but most of them are very quality and meet international standards in terms of infrastructure, equipment, services and service style. Especially, the capital of Brussels concentrates quite a number of leading brands in the accommodation service with classy hotels such as Marriott Hotel, Renaissance Brussels Hotel, Novotel Brussels Offf Grand Place Hotel ...

In Bruges, top hotels can be mentioned as Hotel Ter Brughe, Hotel Prinsenhof or Martin’s Relais Hotel. In Antwerp city, there are notable hotels such as Hilton Antwerp Old Town Hotel, Crowne Plaza Antwerp ... and in Ghent also gathered many famous brands such as Ghent Marriot Hotel, Novotel Ghent Centrum Hotel, Best Western Hotel Chamade ...

You can book rooms in advance with savings on the online booking facilities.

5. What to play in Belgium

+ Brussels Park - Famous tourist spot in Belgium.

One of the famous attractions and tourist destinations in Belgium that you must definitely visit is Brussels Park. With an area of more than 250,000m2, this is a place where many cultural beauty, historical achievements and famous artworks are famous. Moreover, Brussels Park is also seen as a miniature Europe with models erected, replicating famous landscapes and landscapes of many countries.

+ Atonium – Biểu tượng độc đáo gắn liền với thủ đô Brussels

Atonium được mệnh danh là “tháp Eiffel của Brussels”, là một trong những điểm đến ở Bỉ nổi tiếng và rất thu hút du khách. Đây là một công trình kỷ niệm được xây dựng vào năm 1958, để phục vụ cho Hội chợ quốc tế đầu tiên sau Chiến tranh thế giới thứ hai diễn ra tại Brussels.

Công trình nằm cạnh sân vận động King Baudouin Stadium ở Công viên Heysel, có độ cao 102m với tổng trọng lượng khoảng 2.400 tấn. Atonium được cấu tạo bởi 9 quả cầu biểu tượng cho 9 nguyên tử trong cấu trúc tinh thể của nguyên tố sắt. Khách tham quan có thể đi bộ qua các cầu thang bên trong này và nhìn ngắm bao quát toàn cảnh thành phố Brussels thông qua các cửa sổ đặt trên đỉnh các quả cầu. 

Atonium vào ban đêm rực rỡ ánh đèn cũng là một hình ảnh đẹp để du khách thoả sức chiêm ngưỡng và chụp ảnh lưu niệm.

+ Bourse building

Bourse Building (also known as Brussels Stock Market Building) has been added to the list of attractions in Belgium worth a visit. The building was decided by Napoleon in 1801 to be Belgium's largest securities center; construction was not completed until 1868 and completed in 1873.

Bourse building is designed to combine elements of the two trends of neo-Renaissance art (Neo-Renaissance) and the Second Empire (Second Empire), with a rich, harmonious combination between the sculptures. , painting and interior decorations. The whole architecture and decorative works at Bourse Building were made by a team of famous artists of the time.

+ Atonium - Unique symbol associated with the capital Brussels

Atonium, dubbed the "Eiffel Tower of Brussels", is one of the famous destinations in Belgium and attracts tourists. This is a monument built in 1958, to serve the first International Fair after the Second World War in Brussels.

The building is located next to King Baudouin Stadium in Heysel Park, with a height of 102m with a total weight of about 2,400 tons. Atonium is made up of 9 spheres that represent 9 atoms in the crystal structure of the element iron. Visitors can walk through these internal stairs and get a panoramic view of Brussels through the windows on top of the spheres.

Atonium at night with bright lights is also a beautiful image for visitors to admire and take souvenir photos.

+ Palais de Justice

Palais de Justice has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belgium, welcoming millions of visitors from all over the world to come here to admire a wonderful work of art.

With its ancient and superficial architecture, the Palais de Justice or Palace of Justice always makes people overwhelmed by its majesty. Like its function as the supreme court of Brussels, the Palais de Justice was built in 20 years, in a very good position, with panoramic views of the city, with golden domes and huge pillars, are all condescending.

+ The famous bronze statue of MANNEKEN PIS

The Manneken Pis statue, also known as The Pee Boy, is one of the famous European tourist attractions and has the same cultural significance as the mermaid statue in Copenhagen. Manneken Pis is a 60-centimeter tall bronze sculpture and fountain, depicting a naked boy urinate into the fountain's basin. The statue was designed and carved by stone by François Duquesnoy in 1619 and by 1817 was replaced with a bronze statue.

There are many anecdotes about this boy, but the most famous is the story related to patriotism. The story goes that when the Spanish troops withdrew from the city of Brusels, which set fire to the city, a young boy dared to stand up in the middle of a fire to be a "fireman", extinguish the fire by " peeing, "saving the city from being burned.

7. Notes when traveling Belgium - Kingdom of Chocolate

Winter: should wear wool hats, gloves, scarves, clothing, winter shoes, etc. ... must be warm enough because often go outdoors.

Summer: bring a thin coat, thin scarf if any.

Should wear sports shoes, sandals, light low-heeled shoes with comfort, avoid wearing high pointed clogs because it is very inconvenient to have to walk a lot in Europe, especially in the summer.

Do not carry clothes, suitcases, bags, pouches, shoes, watches, sunglasses ... are fake, counterfeit goods of world famous brands such as Louis Vuiton, Gucci, Chanel, Lacoste, Ecco, Guess , Valentino, Puma, Adidas, Nike ... because if detected will be punished severely at the airport.

+ Currency

Travelers should exchange Vietnamese currency with Euros in Vietnam or pay by credit card, this is a practical experience when traveling to Belgium. VISA and MASTER credit cards are very popular in Belgium.

Travelers should prepare loose coins in their pockets to use public transport such as toilets, vending machines. Should change small denominations of euro denominations such as 5 euros, 10 euros, 20 euros and some odd cents to ride the tram, buy drinks, buy phone cards. Bring a calculator to calculate exchange rates when shopping.

+ Medicines for personal use

It is advisable to bring individual medicine bags including special medicines or common cold medicines because Europe in general and Belgium in particular, the purchase of medicines requires a doctor's prescription and the cost of examination here is very high. high.