Ahead of you is a journey of discovery Europe. If you do not want to have problems, equip yourself with the necessary supplies. Any trip requires careful preparation. Don't forget these items.

Versatile socket

This is a small but extremely important item. In Europe, electrical sockets are very different from Vietnam. If you run out of batteries in a socket but can't charge, you're sure to be "in a bad mood." This special socket type has a full set of charger pins and power adapter function suitable for countries of America, Asia and Europe.

Medicine and some medical supplies

Cough medicines, flu, headaches, and stomach aches are some essential medicines to take with you. Coming to Europe with different food and climate you may have flu or stomachache. In addition, you should also bring individual bangs.

Sim 3g - 4g

Having a 3g or 4g sim card is necessary in Europe. This will help you easily look up information, contact with friends and relatives. You can actively buy in Vietnam or at European airports.


You should change money to Euros for your convenience. Do not bring USD money because you exchange money here is quite high. You should also prepare your credit card money in case of need.

Personal hygiene items

Surely you will need brushes, toothpaste, cosmetics to have a safe journey. These items have been selected by you and are suitable for you. So going to Europe you will not need to waste time for these items anymore.