In this article, we will introduce to you 10 eccentric tourist destinations but still attract tourists in Europe. Let's take a look at what those 10 destinations are right below.

Besides the famous tourist destinations, beautiful, vast with eye-catching space and the diversity attracts many tourists ... there are still tourist spots with "eccentricity" which are curious of many guests. travel. Cape Museum in Sweden, micro museum in the Czech Republic, miniature European park in Belgium ... are all in the list of the most weird tourist destinations in Europe.

In this article, we will introduce to you 10 eccentric tourist destinations but still attract tourists in Europe. Let's take a look at what those 10 destinations are right below.

1. The David Hasselhoff Museum, Berlin, Germany

At the top of the list must mention the David Hasselhoff museum, the most eccentric museum in Europe. The museum's eccentricity is the display of memorabilia of actor David Hasselhoff, which may be his belongings during his career years or other items, clothes when he participated in the show. Figure.

2. Floating cat reserve, Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam, there is a floating conservation area for wild cats throughout the city. Founded in 1966, the original owner Weelde was out of room to take care of cats in the house so she decided to build a boat to get more space for them. Today, this floating cat reserve is quite popular and attracts visitors.

3. Miniature European Park, Brussels, Belgium

The park displays famous iconic buildings in Europe, including those that have existed in history. Here with more than 350 works, here you can immerse yourself in development as well as understand more about unique cultures across the continent.

4. Underground art gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

This unique, strange art gallery is hidden in the city's subway system. The works are decorated on walls, ceilings, or waiting rooms ... Even in many places, there are large murals, you will be able to admire them without visiting any galleries or museums. 

5. Museum of Alchemy and magic, Prague, Czech Republic

This bizarre museum displays the achievements of alchemists or witches of the past. The museum is divided into two areas, the main hall has a large screen and displays copying items for commercial elements. The basement area is designed as a laboratory, displaying wacky alchemy artifacts.

6. Toy Museum, Brussels, Belgium

At the museum, you seem to be lost in a large maze full of children's toys. The museum is like a giant, chaotic and largest toy box in the world.

7. Nasal Plaster Academy, Lund, Sweden

As part of the Student Life Museum in Lund, Sweden, it shows you a collection of more than 100 celebrity plaster nose embryos. To be on this list, you must be a worthy person and it is an honor for anyone. Of course, here also show some plaster nose of ordinary people.

8. Micro-art museum, Prague, Czech Republic

This is the most bizarre art museum in the world, where it displays a lot of artwork but extremely small size. Some impressive works include paintings on half poppy seeds, camels in the eye of a needle, replicas of Leonardo da Vinci's famous works, 3.2 mm tall Eiffel Tower, or a carved train. on the hair. Right in front of these works is a microscope that makes it easy to see.

9. Teledisko nightclub, Berlin, Germany

You cannot imagine the world's smallest nightclub, designed inside a public phone booth. With an area of only 1m2, it cannot accommodate many people. However, you can still choose your favorite song and experience 3 minutes of swaying with a nebulizer, lights flashing like on a real nightclub.

10. Rio Tinto River, Almeria, Spain

Dubbed "Mars on Earth", during 5,000 years, copper, gold, silver and minerals have been mined along the Rio Tinto River. This unusually red river, combined with pink rocks shaped by iron dissolved in water, creates a scene like on a truly distant planet.