“Positano is a dream that doesn't exist even when you're there and it suddenly comes true as soon as you just walk away” - American writer John Steinbeck talked about the beautiful coastal city of Italy like that. The romantic, somewhat mysterious and poetic beauty of Positano is also the main catalyst for many romantic poetic emotions.

Positano is a municipality in the province of Selerno in the region of Campania, Italy. Once a poor coastal fishing village since the early 20th century, Positano has now become one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Small city with over 3,000 residents and a few hundred rooftops throughout the coast, Positano also does not need to go through the polls that poetry has brought to the world of romance.

With poetic streets and pastel-colored houses close together, precarious cliffs captivate souls poet, romance.

Coming to Positano, you can not help but visit the Santa Maria Assunta church, the oldest and most beautiful Gothic church in Italy. Stand on the beach in Positano and you'll see the church of Santa Maria Assunta. Blue, yellow and green ceramic domes make this 10th-century church stand out among the town's beautiful pastel buildings.

On the dome of the church are winged angels and many works of art adorn the walls. When exploring the chapel and the altar, visitors will admire the collection of beautiful painting works. One of the most famous works here is Circumcision by artist Fabrizio Santafede.

The centerpiece of the church is a Byzantine-style Black Lady statue above the main altar. Legend has it that people took this 12th-century statue from a stranded ship in Positano. The sailors said they heard the sound of the statue demanding to be taken off the ship and the captain asked to leave the statue at the coastal village.

If you come to Positano, try the wine from the Bay of Naples, made with lemon essential oil and a famous Italian export. Excellent Limocello flavor.

Positano is also known and secretly loved through romantic movies, with beautiful scenes of Italian love. It is Only you (1994), Under the tuscan sun (2003) or most recently Kath & Kimderella (2012).