Have you ever come to a bustling, busy city but you do not join in the flow of people but quietly search for private corners and then stare at the streets, listening to the breath of urban life despite the reels of wheels of the city out there always in a hurry. Particularly for myself, those peaceful and relaxed moments are always sent in coffee shops, which sounds familiar. During my visits to Bangkok, I always spend some time in the trip to get to the familiar corners.

And that familiar corner is called: Patom Organic Living.

Address: 2 Phrom Phak Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

How to get there: take BTS to Phrom Phong station and catch grab for about 10 minutes.

Looking at photos you will probably feel familiar like you've seen this restaurant before, right? This is the place for many Thai films to be shot. Bangkok is always noisy, accompanied by traffic jams, dust and bonuses, the weather is always hot and extremely hot. In the heart of the city appears a green garden and in the middle of the green space is a large greenhouse. Through the glass windows you can see inside is an extremely chill coffee shop. From the corners of the table, the counter, the display of food, drinks, souvenirs are arranged neatly and simply with 2 main colors of white and brown wood. The color of green from the trees outside the garden also contributes to the space and colors of the inner background more prominent and harmonious.

   Patom Organic Living the name also somewhat helps you visualize menu menus, drinks here. From coffee, tea, milk and cakes, all foods are made from local organic produce. If you come here to drink a cup of tea, a cup of coffe or taste the food, you will find that they have a fairly light taste. This is understandable, organic is that and of course eating such a diet will be more friendly to your body. A gentle taste for life. Well, I do not analyze this issue anymore, I am not a nutritionist.

A true "green" coffee shop - green from space to food and drink. Sitting in a restaurant, I sometimes think I am sitting in a coffee shop of Chiang Mai.

Come here and order a cup of tea or coffee and sit in the hands of a book you are reading, reading, meditating, looking at the surrounding green garden, breathing the clean, cool air. Such moments make peace seem to sink into the soul. The mind is no longer entangled, stressed, anxious. I feel more calm and comfortable.

On an extraordinarily big note, Organic Living is a place where Korean girls often go home. If you want to "see" Korean girls, come here.

Perhaps Patom organic is a refreshing cup of tea for the soul.

Source: Internet